Jewelry Gift Ideas for Different Occasions

Woman Opening a Jewelry Gift BoxYou can’t go wrong with giving jewelry as a gift. For its captivating beauty and high value, your recipient is sure to appreciate the present. Salt Lake City’s AAA Jewelers indicates that jewelry can celebrate milestones. It’s the perfect precious trinket that will help your loved ones remember their special day.

But which type of jewelry do you choose? Here is a quick guide.


The most popular gemstones correspond with certain months; these are called birthstones. If the receiver is born in May, you can give him or her a ring or bracelet embellished with emerald stones. If your loved one is born in September, choose sapphire.

You can look up birthstones, and ask a trustworthy jeweler for pieces that feature certain gems.

Wedding Anniversary

Jewelry never goes out of style, and you may be surprised to know that it’s still one of the most wanted gifts for women. If your anniversary is coming up, amaze your girlfriend or wife with a stunning piece of gemstone that matches the number of years you have been together.

For example, a diamond marks the 10th year anniversary, ruby corresponds to the 15th, and emerald symbolizes the 20th year.


Commemorate your loved one’s hard work with a new necklace or a watch. As the graduate is about to embark on a new journey or start a career, a charming set of jewelry is an appropriate gift that they can use. Choose a style that is sleek and stylish, nothing overly dramatic. So they can use it for formal events or even job interviews. Diamonds and semi-precious stones will work well on most outfits. A simple chain for a necklace is also a good option.

Finally, consider your recipient’s preference for style. If your daughter likes simple and classic, consider the timeless pearl choker. If your spouse likes glamour and statement pieces, a diamond cuff would suit her.

With these ideas, finding the perfect gift for a special occasion is easier.