Flecks Of Pink For Enchanting Jewelry: Behind The Obsession

Rose Gold iPhone

In 2016, a new type of gold was re-introduced to the fashion scene. Fashion aficionados looking for a new take on classic gold found solace in rose gold shades. From handbag fastenings to iPhone 6s, the pinkish gold is a new obsession influencing clothes, style, and even jewelry.

Rose gold, otherwise known as pink gold jewelry, is more than a trend—it’s a style necessity. This popular shade belongs in your collection of silver and gold because it creates a striking statement, no matter what you’re wearing.

So why should you ask your Salt Lake City jewelry shop about rose gold?

The Origin of the Color

There’s nothing new with the color itself. This delicate shade has been lending its enchanting brand of shimmer to trinkets and jewelry since the nineteenth century in Imperial Russia. Carl Fabergé, famous for the Fabergé egg, blended yellow gold with white copper to create a blushing pink-toned hybrid he called “Russian Gold.”

Cartier used the alchemic hybrid during the 1920s, cementing the palette’s place in the market. Since then, jewelers sprinkled rose gold pieces with flecks of pink.

A Rosy Future

Rose gold jewelry’s appeal begins with the color: warmer and flirtier than yellow gold, it gives off a more youthful glow. Its versatility and beauty sets it apart from the other shades.

Traditional gold jewelry goes well with black while silver pairs perfectly with gray tones, blue hues, and denim. Rose gold, on the other hand, looks magical on all skin types and neutral outfits. Fashionistas looking for a more minimalistic style can add rose gold rings and necklaces to complement their clothes.

Rose gold as the perfect blend of silver and gold is its winning quality. The soft pink glow of these accessories makes it easier to wear with a variety of looks. It’s also delicate, feminine, and pleasant.

Rose gold is the ideal obsession for a number of jewelry lovers. But even if you prefer gold or silver more, incorporating pink flecks into your wardrobe guarantees a different kind of versatility in your style.