The Power of “Om”: Physical and Mental Changes

Woman meditating outdoorsMeditation is one of the things that many people would like to learn. The key aspect that you have to understand when it comes to meditation in Cambodia or other parts of the globe is that there are over 20 forms. If you can’t find one that works for you, then there is bound to be another form that will.

It is a practice that can treat both mental and physical ailments, and its benefits are backed up by science. Vagabond Temple explains some changes that you will experience when meditating.

Meditation Increases Creativity

A study from Netherlands discovered that people who exercise open monitoring meditation described a boost in creative thinking. Open monitoring meditation involves not concentrating on anything, including your breathing. This type revolves around being open to any feelings or thoughts that will come.

The research examined 19 adult participants who were asked to think of new ideas. They found out that individuals who meditated had unique concepts.

Meditation Improves Sleep Quality

This practice is perfect for people who suffer from sleep disorders. A yearlong research monitored the sleep pattern of 50 Americans aged over 55. Half of them revealed that they had sleep problems before participating. Out of these participants, half adhered to some sleep hygiene rules, such as avoiding alcohol before sleeping and following a regular bed time. Meanwhile, the rest of the group had to undergo training for mindfulness meditation that lasted for six weeks with a qualified instructor.

As expected, the people who exercised mindfulness revealed improvement in their sleep quality compared to others. David S. Black, the lead author of the study, explains that the practice helped relax the arousal symptoms of the brain.

Meditation is an exercise of “concentrated focus” that allows a person to discover insight, be more present and calm down. It does more to your body than just lower stress.