Getting Married in a Barn? Here Are 3 Factors to Consider

A Newly Wed CoupleChoosing a wedding theme is a necessary part of planning your special occasion. It determines the look and feel of your wedding, and is not as easy as pinning posts or creating mood boards on Pinterest.

Among trendy themes recently have been a rustic style that takes place in barn wedding venues. Inspired by Midwestern states such as Minnesota, the number of weddings that are held in farmhouse venues have increased. Aside from being modern and non-traditional, a rustic-style wedding location is perfect either indoors or outdoors. It merges with nature. Plus, it provides a comfortable, relaxed and fun environment for guests.  

Here are few things to consider if you are considering having a rustic-themed wedding.


Sit down with your partner and planner to discuss costs. You will need to know whether the venue will suit your budget. Take note of other expenses that the site rental fee may not cover. These might be tables, chairs, linens, glassware, corkage, service charge, and more.

A good tip is to borrow anything you might need during wedding since this is cheaper than actually buying them. You may also want to DIY some items to give your wedding that personal touch. This can include invitations, flowers arrangements, and centerpieces.


Weather is something you cannot plan. For this reason, it is always advised to have a contingency plan. Here are some guide questions for your Plan B:

  • Is the barn rain-proof or climate-controlled?
  • Is there an area on the property where you can put up tents?
  • Is there any heating or air-conditioning units available?

You may also provide your guests with fans, warm blankets, bug spray and allergy medicines. That is if you are pushing through with the wedding reception in a non-climate-controlled barn or outdoors.


Barn venues may not offer the same amenities as a hotel ballroom, restaurant or any traditional wedding reception facilities (caterers, hosts or coordinators). You will need people to help you on your special day. Coordinate with the venue owners about what additional services you need.