What to Consider When Shopping for Exterior Doors

Exterior Sliding DoorsAn exterior door not only add curb appeal to homes, but it also serves as the first line of defense against intruders or burglars. This is one of the reasons why the quality of exterior doors should never be compromised, and why they should be maintained regularly. There are different kinds of entry doors, and they can also be placed at the sides or back of the house. In Salt Lake City, Utah, home-owners look for exterior doors that are durable, high quality, and at the same time affordable.  They also consider how good the door looks, especially if it’s the main door placed at the front of the house.

Here are few things to consider when looking for exterior doors:


As mentioned above, exterior doors need to be tough and durable. They should not break down with a single kick or be easily pried open from the hinge.  When it comes to main doors, the materials of choice are fiberglass, steel, and hardwood.  Each type has its strengths and weaknesses, and the homeowner has to decide based on the quality or trait he thinks is most important: durability, strength appearance, or cost.


The door’s design also affects the price. Some entry or exterior doors are made elaborately to add beauty to the home.  Entry door manufacturers offer different variations. There are external doors with grills, glass designs, sidelights, and more. Doors can also be customized to meet specific requirements such as an extra-wide entryway at the front of the house or double doors.


Having a great-looking door isn’t enough to protect your home. The accompanying locks should also be given much attention and thought. Different kinds of locks work best with specific door types or styles. For example, doors with glass designs near the doorknobs should be fitted with an extra sturdy deadbolt lock. This prevents burglars from getting in by simply breaking the glass panel and turning the knob.

These are just the basic requirements homeowners must consider when looking for new exterior doors. Remember though that sturdy doors are a good investment that could last for many years.