Weekend Breaks that Offer Mind and Body Healing

Woman practicing yogaWhether knowingly or not, you sometimes work yourself so ragged that you can no longer ignore your body’s need for a break. Instead of responding with a boring staycation that doesn’t remove you from your stressors or a sight-seeing trip that can be more trouble than its worth with all the planning and logistics, why don’t you consider these out-of-the-box options to give your mind and body a total recharge?

Yoga Retreat Weekend

A quick weekend of yoga, mindfulness practice and healthy meals can be just what your mind and body need when you’re no longer feeling like yourself. Weekends like these allow you to really take time out for yourself. It also gives you a unique chance to connect with nature by removing you from the hustle and bustle of the city. It gives you an opportunity for a complete digital detox so that you can spend time with yourself in the present.

If you find yourself stressed out by current circumstances that are difficult to sort through, attending a yoga meditation retreat can also give you a new perspective to help you unpack baggage and evaluate with a clearer head. A break like this also removes your habit of overthinking, as yoga and meditation train you to be present and turn off all your internal noises and dialogue.

Nutritional Detox Weekend

If you’re hoping to shed a few pounds, have more energy and regain your overall vitality, then consider a nutritional detox weekend. It’s the perfect opportunity to jumpstart your journey to health and wellness by giving you a taste of healthy meals in a serene location. Doing a detox outside the home will also give you a greater sense of commitment, as you’re far away from the triggers that prevent you from completing a detox at home. After the weekend, you can also expect to have a more radiant appearance and boosted immune system.

Taking a break to recharge doesn’t mean a weekend spent in pyjamas watching TV hours on end. It also doesn’t mean planning an elaborate trip that can only add to your current stress levels. Try out these unique weekend options for a total mind and body recharge.