Underrated Careers for the Creative Job Seeker

Barber making sure his customer has a nice fadeConsidering the landscape of finding jobs, and the local economy of Midvale, UT, finding a job is tougher than most would think. And most already believe that it is already a difficult task. That is why more people are learning skills and trades that would greatly broaden their job search radius.

But some of the most promising jobs are the ones that need more workers. Careers in this field are not too popular because they are not “glamorous” enough, but with a little open-mindedness, you can find work where most people are not searching.

Here are some jobs that you can do if you are looking for a change:

Fitness Trainer

Have you ever seen bodybuilders on Instagram and thought, I could probably do that and maybe help people out, too! You are in luck because fitness coaching is one career that is seeing a positive trend these recent years.

To become a certified trainer, you will need to attend a training program and take a certification exam. The length of the program and price varies from school to school.


Believe it or not, barbers can earn up to $25,000 annually. If you have a knack for making people look good, then this career might sound promising to you. To become a certified barber, you can enroll yourself in a barber school here in Midvale with a state-approved training program.

Apprenticeship is also available, but you will still need a license from the state to become a certified barber. If you are confident about your creative skills, this career might interest you.


The salary range for photographers varies wildly from one career to another. Some can earn as much as $20,000 a year, while others, with more established names in the industry, can get up to $70,000 annually.

Being a professional photographer requires an eye for good shots and some intense training. With a little effort and some specialist equipment, you can start earning by snapping photos, right away!

Being creative in your job search is almost a necessity these days if you hope to land a job. A little research and practiced skills can go a long way into bringing you into a new and promising career.