Pontoon Boating and Other Summer Activities

Downtown Chicago & Lake Michigan

There are many types of boats, from fishing boats to sports boats. Leisure boating is a widespread activity. If you like boating with your friends or family, pontoon boats in Michigan are easy to acquire.


Leisure Boating


Lake Michigan in summer is a hive of activity. There is as much beach activity along its shores as there it's in other famous beach areas like Florida. The coast along Chicago is also very much alive with a party-like hum. Visitors can enjoy the water in various ways. They can rent jet skis as well as go paddle boating. Each is an excellent activity for individuals or couples. Stand-up paddleboards are easy to use in lakes. For those who like a faster pace on the water, jet skis are the primary choice. Jet skis are safer and can go faster. A pontoon boat is also very much at home in the lake. Its broad platform and deck are very delightful. The vessel may look like a box, but it has more than enough power to move parties across the water.


Party on the Shore


Being close to Chicago does have its advantages when you're on vacation. One of the most famous drinking spots is Castaways. It's a big bar that looks like a boat along the lake’s shore. If you like to ride a boat, you can have a dinner cruise on the lake. Some dinner cruises offer affordable fare rates. It can be a romantic activity for couples as well as a fun activity for the whole family.


Lake Michigan is a great place to spend your summer. From boating to a fun time along the beach, there are plenty of activities to choose from.