Ways to Pull Off Your Dream Barn Wedding

A wedding being plannedThe rustic, barn theme is well-known for its simple, but charming vibe. It’s perfect for weddings as it holds many possibilities for homespun details and breathtaking photos. Finding the right location is a priority to pull this off. You can choose from many popular barn wedding venues in Minnesota, but keep in mind that there might be local ordinances when it comes to celebrating a place like this. Here’s how you can plan your dream country wedding and enjoy the special day without a hitch:

Be Ready for Barn Extras

For venues that don’t offer full services, you’ll likely be responsible for the dishes, chairs, tables, and other extras. Consider the additional cost of generators, catering tents, lighting, access to water, and commercial cleaning of the barn. It’s also important to check if your venue is insured and licensed to be open to the public.

If you’ve booked an event caterer that typically hosts barn weddings, then they can give you a complete list of what you’ll need. If not, your best option is to look for a wedding planner that has handled this type of event the past.

Check for Local Sound Policies

Remember that just because you have rented the whole ranch for the night that you can party into the wee hours of the morning. Even if you’ve chosen a seemingly remote place, it still pays to check for sound ordinance rules of the locale to avoid trouble. If there are nearby residents, then you’ll have to be mindful of setting your event timeline. Confirm what time your band should be wrapping up or consider just having a casual after-party.

The historical ranch setting offers a gorgeous backdrop for weddings. Once you have these pointers in check, you can freely enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime event.