To Shave or to Wax: Which is Best for You?

Woman being waxedMost people have hair somewhere on their body that they want to remove. With various hair removal methods available today, it becomes a matter of preference which method suits one the most. Women desire smooth and hairless underarms, legs, and nether regions. Many are torn between waxing and shaving.

His and Her’s Waxing outlines some of the pros and cons associated with each hair removal method.

Hair removal by waxing

This hair removal method requires the application of warm wax onto a specific area. The waxing professional then removes the waxing patch, pulling with it unwanted hair from the root. This process is repeated until all the hair is cleared. Instead of waxing by yourself at home, seeking professional waxing services will keep you from burning or injuring your skin. This method is most effective for the bikini area, legs, armpits, back, and chest.


  • You have three to six weeks of smooth, hairless skin.
  • It is also a temporary way of removing hair, meaning it can eventually grow back. You can explore other waxing or shaving methods if you desire.


  • It can be a bit painful, but with repeated waxing sessions, you will become more pain tolerant.
  • It can result in ingrown hairs if exfoliation is not done correctly during aftercare.
  • Waxing is not an option if the intended area doesn’t have hair that is at least a quarter inch in length.

Hair removal by shaving

This method involves the use of a razor to cut off the hair. It works well for those with fine hair on the armpits and legs.


  • It is cheap.
  • It is painless.
  • It is fast and easy to do.


  • Hair grows back quicker.
  • One can suffer from razor burns or cuts.
  • Can result in ingrown hairs that can irritate the skin

Hair removal helps boost confidence by helping you achieve your desired look. It is also hygienic, as it eliminates hair that would make for a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive. In instances where a woman has facial hair due to hormonal imbalance, hair removal helps restore dignity and self-confidence.