Six Month Smiles: Is It Right for You?

Guy smilingFor many years, braces have been the most popular orthodontic treatment for aiding individuals in straightening their teeth. Although braces are still very much at the forefront of orthodontic treatments, they could also make people self-conscious of their looks.
Luckily, there are now more modern alternatives that could offer the same results as traditional braces, with a shorter treatment time and a more subtle appearance, such as the Six Month Smiles. The experts at Smile Spa explain that this orthodontic treatment option is most suitable for individuals who have:
Mild to Moderate Crowding – Six Month Smiles functions pretty much like traditional braces. However, since dentists use trays to apply them and not individually, they aren’t capable of providing sufficient results for people who have severe teeth crowding. People with mildly to moderately crowded teeth are the ideal candidates for this treatment.
Fully Grown in Permanent Teeth – This orthodontic treatment is typically reserved for individuals who already have fully grown in permanent or adult teeth. In general, this usually means individuals who are 15 years old and above.
A Need for Subtle Orthodontic Treatment – Among the best advantages of the Six Month Smiles treatment is that it could blend well with your teeth’s natural colouring and won’t be that noticeable compared to traditional braces.
Cosmetic Issues – In general, Six Month Smiles is geared as a cosmetic orthodontic treatment for individuals looking for a more appealing and straighter smile. With this in mind, the treatment is not advisable for individuals with complex or severe bite issues that could result in other dental complications, which in turn would require more traditional orthodontics.
A Desire for a Shorter Treatment Time – This orthodontic treatment could straighten your teeth in a significantly shorter time, yes, in six months, according to a Six months Smile review. However, that treatment period would still vary depending on the severity of your dental issues.
The Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment could help individuals who might be planning on getting traditional orthodontic treatment and could provide similar outcomes with extra advantages. Specifically, it is suitable for people who are looking for treatment for the above conditions. The best way to know if you’re a viable candidate for the Six Month Smiles is to consult a dentist who offers the treatment.