Lavender Gift Set Ideas to Diffuse Happiness to Loved Ones

LavenderLavender, that fragrant purple bush, can be grown in any place that boasts of fertile soil and sun-kissed surroundings. While Provence in France leads the regions where lavender is grown best, Britain is not to be left behind with its lavender regions. The sun-drenched Mayfield, Cotswolds, Somerset, Yorkshire and Hitchin are all home to tantalising lavender fields, producing tons of essential oils used in producing a variety of lavender-inspired products.

Raising Lavender

Before the onset of commercial lavender farms found in many parts of the world, lavender was a flourishing flowering plant with origins in Africa, Europe and Asia. Today, lavender exists in over 450 different varieties. With horticultural technology, hybrid lavender production is fast becoming a way to increase the plant’s varieties further. It’s no wonder many have found the benefits of lavender in therapeutic gift sets to infused tea.

Lavender Gifts Sets

Many commercial manufacturers and home-based entrepreneurs thrive not only in growing lavender but also in marketing lavender gift sets which are popular choices for holidays, special occasions and as surprise treats to family and friends. Here are six gift sets to enjoy.

Lavender oils – a set of lavender essential oils of varying scents which can be used as diffusers, fragrances to touch up items like stuffed toys and flowers as well as a personal pick-me-up scent.

Lavender tea sets – A box of lavender flavour-infused tea bags in bespoke arrangement complete with elegant teacups makes for a most delightful English present.

Lavender potpourri –  dried seeds, twigs, buds and petals can be used to scent books, drawers and closets. The Grosso lavender variety is best to use in potpourri.

Lavender flavourings – a set of bottled flavourings used for ice creams, pastries and preserves and in marinades and meat rubs.

Lavender baskets – a roundup of all the lavender essentials like perfume, oils, bath soaps and lotions. You can create his and hers basket set by including musk for men and lavender facial masks for ladies.

Lavender starter growing set –  contains lavender seeds of at least three different varieties (French, Spanish or Grosso), germinating soil, potting mix and a how-to-grow booklet).

Whether for personal use or as gifts to loved ones, lavender gift sets using natural lavender essential oils are the best to get its therapeutic and relaxing benefits.