Factors That Influence the Cost of a Wedding Venue

Wedding coupleThere are many decisions you will need to make when planning a wedding. The wedding venue is among the most important decisions for your big day. Instead of going for simple solutions in a bid to save on costs, you can go all out and still not break your budget.

Several factors will affect the costs of your wedding venue in Kent. Size is one of the critical determinants. Here are some other factors that will impact your wedding venue cost.

Your wedding date

The cost of your venue depends on the supply and demand at different times of the year. Most weddings take place in spring and autumn, as couples avoid extreme heat and cold in summer and winter. The costs of wedding venues during off-peak seasons are more affordable since there are fewer clients at these times. Wedding venues are also cheaper during weekdays since most weddings take place during the weekend.


Venues located in big cities and close to transport networks will typically cost more compared to those in far-flung areas. This concept, however, does not apply to dream destinations, including tucked away beaches. Regardless of your budget, make sure you choose a location that is easy for you and your guests to access.

Additional services

Some venues include catering costs, banquet halls, bridal cottages, and salons. Some have in-house vendors who will offer you cheaper service costs compared to outside vendors, and it is hence cost-efficient for you to use them. The extra services will increase your venue charge, but you will significantly save more money in the process.

You should also ensure you factor in some additional wedding venue expenses. These include valet parking, taxes and other service charges. Clarify any additional costs with your vendor and factor them adequately in your budget.