Duvet, Quilt, and Coverlet: What is the Difference?

Close up of a bed with bed sheets and pillowsA beautiful bed is appealing to the eye and comfortable to the body. However, it can be an expensive, time-consuming, and overwhelming to acquire. With the pieces that you already own and a few buys, you can get a well-made and comfortable bed.

But what do all these pieces mean and how do you use them? Read on to find out.


These are traditionally made of three layers of fiber. The top one is a layer of a woven cloth, and then a batting layer and the last one, a woven back, all combined in a decorative pattern. There is a myriad of the types of quilts based on traditions, patterns, designs, and characteristics of quilts.

Mostly, people give them as gifts during childbirth, marriage, graduation, and other occasions. People use them as throws, beddings, tablecloths, or wall hangings.

Duvet and Cover

A duvet is a flat soft bag filled with feathers or synthetics inserted into a removable duvet cover. They design them to use no sheets, but most people use them with sheets. Most people prefer them due to their ease of making the bed since you simply have to put it on one.


This is a non-reversible, lightweight bedspread that is either woven or quilted. They have a thin layer that makes them suitable for use as a standalone bed covering. Again, depending on the weight of the coverlet bedding set, you can use them as throw pillows on sofas and beds.

The outermost layer of a bed commands the most attention due to its size and dominance. Therefore, when selecting your bedroom d├ęcor, choose a material and style that easily blends in with the rest of the room.

Since you have multiple ways, you can dress your bed, start with single layer bed, and then advance to the multiple layers combining several beddings.