Dealing with Teens Through Family Fun

Theme parkA challenging part of parenthood is raising growing teens. From manageable children, they somehow transform into misunderstood teenagers. During this time, many things can happen that could make or even break the family bond.

Search for identity

Teenage years are when a maturing child tries to find their identity. At this time, rules are tested and different (sometimes, highly questionable) circles of friends are made. The loving advice of parents is often rejected as the teen tries to discover their place in the scheme of things. Raging hormones add to this, as emotions are intensified and lead to many teens saying the wrong things.

Resulting resentment

The common result of such behavior is growing resentment between the parents and their child.  Though parents should know better, having undergone the process themselves years before, the pressures of work and caring for the younger ones are affecting the relationship. They’re now seen as misunderstood and seemingly ungrateful, causing parents to lose their patience and react in the wrong way.

Giving enough space

To combat this situation, it’s often advised that teens should be given enough space to find their way.  But rules are ever so important at this time as deep inside they still wish to feel as they are wanted and cared for.  It becomes a delicate balancing act until full maturity is achieved.

Keeping the bond intact

Another suggestion is for parents to continue to find ways to keep the family bond complete. In this way, both sides can rediscover their love for one another in a neutral area outside the home.  This is also great for the other younger siblings to see as it gives them a preview of the positive things that may also happen when they become older.

Options for fun

Though a family getaway in an exotic resort can be quite memorable, it doesn’t have to be so expensive. Something simple like a day at the park or watching sports together can tie a family together. A visit to a nearby amusement park in Albuquerque for family fun and reliving early childhood days can also help ease hurt emotions.

Raising a teen is truly challenging but it should not be something to be afraid or resentful about.  Parents just need to balance freedom and rules; and find ways to bring fun back into their lives so that the family bond stays strong.