Cowboy and Classic Arcade: The Two Common Themes for Man Caves

A cowboy hatEvery man dreams of having a man cave in his home. It can serve as their inner manly sanctuary that will be ideal for watching games with their friends, smoking cigars and sipping scotch. Since every man dreams of a different man cave, theirs will be customized and unique, like integrating straw cowboy hats for sale. Nevertheless, here are the most common themes of man caves that you can get inspiration from.

The Cowboy Man Cave

When you were younger, you fantasized being a lawless vigilante or a lone ranger with a gun on your hip prepared to draw. The western dream of freedom and adventure fades for many, but you can still keep your childhood dream a reality through your man cave.

Filled with aged wood, cowhides and leather, Wild West man caves strive to resemble the town saloon where way too many bar fights occur. The bar should be the core of your Western-inspired man cave. To recreate a more authentic saloon environment, visit local antique stores to search for old armors. You can even build your bar out of a reclaimed wood bar top and oak barrels.

Classic Arcade Man Cave

Most guys imagine the good old days where they spent their free time after school at the local arcade shop with their friends. “Continue” was a tease to play more, while high scores were your mark of honor. Men these days crave for their game room inside their home where they can escape from home improvement tasks or work reports. They just want to go back to those days when power-ups and extra lives were all the mattered.

Besides getting a massive TV, surround sound speakers and game consoles; create a perfect escape by incorporating stand up video game systems and full-size pinball machines.

From cowboy to classic arcade man caves, you can choose which theme would be perfect for you. Use this article as a source of inspiration once you begin designing your very own man cave.