Choosing the Perfect Eyewear: All About Colours

Girl Wearing GlassesChoosing the right eyewear is not just about having custom-made optical frames by reliable manufacturers or buying ready-made from some designer brands. Like other things of value, you should consider numerous factors when choosing the right eyewear for your needs.

Skin Tone

Matching your skin tone is a basic requirement when shopping around for frames. The range of skin tones is incredibly wide, but to simplify, skin tones fall into two categories, warm and cool. If you have yellow or green undertones, your skin tone falls under the warm category. If, however, your skin shows off pink or blue undertones, you have a cool skin tone.

In choosing the frame colour for your skin tone, the rule of thumb is to use frame colours similar to your skin tones category. People with a warm skin tone should stick to frames with warm hues, and cool skin-toned individuals should choose cool shades as well.

Eye Colour

Next, consider your eye colour. The goal is to make it pop. Do you have brown eyes? A purple frame will be great for you. In the same way, plum-toned colours are what people with green eyes should opt for. Blue eyes will go well with brown frames. Lastly, to bring out the gold in hazel eyes, wear brown or green frames.

Hair Colour

Finally, one must keep in mind their hair colour. For brunettes with red undertones, dark frames would look great on you! Redheads are advised to experiment with all colours except for red as it might blend in with the hair colour. For dark hair, including black, they also have the luxury of trying all sorts of colours and shades, but dark frames will always be a safe bet.

Wearing glasses is not just about correcting your vision and protecting your eyes from further damage. It is also a unique way to show off your personality and let your best facial features shine through.