5 Safety Tips for Your Teens When Skiing

people at ski resortThe cool wind in your face. The smooth, white snow at your feet. The mountain scenery around you. Skiing is a refreshing sport that’s best to be learned at an early age. And once you become a teenager, ski parties with friends are always cool. But sometimes, when teens are on vacation and out with friends, you may become all excited that safety rules can be forgotten.

As Pedigreeskishop.com explains, wearing a helmet is a necessity when skiing and you might only have a hat on. Here are five safety tips you’ll want to run by your friends before you leave for the slopes.

1. Gear Up

Make sure all your gear fits properly. Skis and poles must be at the appropriate height and length according to how tall you are. Boots, helmets, eye gear, and gloves must all fit snugly to prevent them from falling off. Your bindings must’ve been adjusted by a ski shop professional.

2. Dress for Safety

It can get really cold out on the slopes, and you have to be prepared for extreme temperatures. Thermal socks and underwear are a must. Fleece or wool sweaters will help keep you warm. Jackets and ski pants must fit well but still let your legs move freely. Neck gaiters should be worn on really cold days. And lastly, a bonnet and a helmet for head protection.

3. Don’t Forget the Additions

There are also other items that you’ll need to have for protection. Lip balm to protect you from wind burn. Sunscreen even on cloudy days. Hand and boot warmers to keep you warm before heading out. And of course food and water.

4. Warm Up

Just like any other sport, you have to be physically prepared before taking it on. Make sure you’ve had a good night’s rest and that you do proper stretching before heading out.

5. Ski Smartly

This means having the right ski etiquette, following the rules of the resort, skiing with a friend, playing nice, and most of all having fun.

Skiing is a fun activity especially if you can share the experience with your friends. Remember these safety rules so you can have the most enjoyable ski vacation without having to worry about any casualties.