3 Wedding Venues That Will Make Your Big Day More Personal and Unique

Setup for a beach weddingAt the beginning of your search for your wedding venue, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed. With so many options out there, you might not know what to choose for your big day.

Before you start heading out to wedding venues in St. Paul, below are three categories of unique wedding venues to help you narrow down your choices.

Black Canvas

If you want to decorate your own space, then you should consider the black canvas venue. That means you would get a shell space—you pay for an empty room—and then you source for everything, from cutlery, linen, and chairs to the catering team and the rest. Alternatively, you can hire a marquee and put it up in a nearby field, a garden, or at your home.

Beach Wedding

This doesn’t refer to the ordinary beach wedding; instead, it relates to a wedding that speaks beach in every way. For instance, you could get a beach, sea, and water theme for your wedding, have your aisles decorated with beach collections, and serve your guests with seafood, among others. Modern beach weddings have an option of providing shelter should the rains start pouring on your wedding day.

Landmark Wedding

If you’re all about making a statement on your wedding day, then you may consider a landmark wedding venue either in your city or abroad. Your guests will be thrilled with the idea of traveling and spending some time away from their busy schedules to attend your big day. Similarly, the photographer will give you the best photos based on the background that you select.

Selecting the right space for your wedding is always the epitome of the entire function. The tone, setting, and style of your wedding will be influenced by the venue you choose. As such, choose something that works best for you as well as your guests.