3 Style Tips for Plus Size Women

Plus sized womanPlus size women don’t have to hide their natural curves behind baggy clothes and monochromatic color schemes. Here are three fashion tips you can steal if you plan to upgrade your wardrobe soon.

Determine and own your body shape

Once you know our body shape, you’ll be able to decide better on the items that accentuate your best features. If you have long legs, flaunt them. Defined waistline? Use it to your advantage. All it takes is for you to embrace the body shape you have fully and you’ll have no problem buying clothes, especially if you’re quite fond of browsing plus size clothing online shopping websites like Styles for Less.

Experiment with colors

Black and other dark colors are said to make one look thinner. Not necessarily. Slimming clothes don’t have to have specific colors. It’s all about knowing your body shape and deciding on the pieces of clothing that highlight your best features. For instance, even a yellow dress can be slimming if made well. Don’t be limited to a color scheme. Experiment with colors, not just for your clothes but also in your accessories!

Baggy clothes don’t hide flabs

If you think baggy clothes will do the trick, think again. Baggy clothes only make you look bulkier. Instead of hiding your curves, go for clothes that embrace your shape, and you’ll find that well-fitting clothes can make you look slimmer than you’ve ever imagined. Look for clothes that follow your natural curves.

Love The Shape You Have

Don’t let bad-fitting clothes get you down. When it comes to dressing for your weight and body shape, the sky’s the limit when it comes to options. Don’t limit yourself to baggy clothes and layers. Experiment with styles and colors until you find the right ones that will highlight your best assets.