Take Me to the Beach: Skin Care Products You Need

a tanned woman basking under the sun and the breeze of the seaBefore heading out to the beach for a day under the sun, make sure you’re ready with these skin care must-haves, from sun tanning oils to skin soothing creams. Get your skin care kit ready and don’t forget these skin-saving products.

Sun Protection

The whole point of going to the beach is to have fun in the sun without getting sunburned. You can lounge around the beach and avoid getting burned by applying sunscreen. Grab the one with the highest SPF you can find and make sure to reapply every two hours for maximum UV protection.

Tanning Product

Get a tan without staying too long under the sun by using tanning products. Suntan oils provide a deeper tanning effect and leave a supple, dewy look on the skin. Tanning oils contain less SPF and stay longer on the skin, which increases the tanning effect. So it is important to wash it off thoroughly after a tanning session and then apply sunscreen to maintain that nice, glowing, natural tan.

Lip Care

Your lips need protection from the sun, too. Use one with SPF to keep your lips from chapping. It protects and moisturizes your lips at the same time. Some lip balms with SPF have a tinted hue, which makes it the perfect beauty beach product to carry.

Skin Soothing Products

Staying too long under the sun can cause sunburn. Keep the discomfort at bay by applying a moisturizer with aloe vera gel. This plant ingredient is known for its skin healing and soothing properties and is the perfect remedy for sunburns because it’s mild and natural. Also, avoid washing with soap and opt for gentle skin cleansers that are soap free. This helps keep natural oil on your skin to prevent it from drying and getting irritated.

So on your upcoming beach trip, make sure you have these four essential skin care products with you to give the best care for your sun-kissed skin. Most of all have fun and enjoy the sun!