The Secret Meaning of Precious Stones

JewelrysGems have always held people’s fascination and interest, due to their brilliance, color, and rarity. Throughout the centuries and across cultures and nations, these unique and precious stones have adorned human beings for status and statement. From New York’s jewelry stores to online shops, these gems are purchased for their beaty and what they grant the wearer. Here are the most beautiful gemstones and what they convey.


This is a gemstone that has been held dear for ages and is the hardest mineral known on Earth. Most cultures have revered diamonds for their hardness and inner brilliance, and have made them symbols of the eternal and the adamant. These days, diamonds are regarded as symbols of eternal love. Men and women prefer diamonds for engagement and wedding rings.


In Sanskrit, ruby means the “king of precious stones.” It varies in color from pink to blood-red, the darker red being one of the more popular choices. Ancient Hindus would offer rubies to Krishna, believing that it would make them become emperors in their next life. It was also well loved amongst medieval Europeans, as they thought it would give them knowledge, riches, and good health.


Emeralds are well known for their vivid green color. Legend has it that this gem was given to King Solomon by Yahweh and that it gave him power over all creation. It was also even believed that putting this gem one’s tongue would allow them to see the future and even tell the truth. Many consider it is the gem that symbolizes hope.


This precious stone could be found in many hues, but the most popular and precious are those with an amber gold or honey yellow tone. In ancient times, the Egyptians linked the stone with the sun god Ra. It was believed that the stone could dispel magic and all enchantments.

Many other stones have fascinated the world: pearls, jade, lapis lazuli, and opals. You can use any of these for your engagement or wedding ring, but you should know the meaning and symbol of the beautiful gem.