How to Take Good Care of Wedding Rings

Wedding rings on a white clothDamaged wedding rings can easily be repaired by an experienced jeweler, but you have to know how to take good care of your precious belongings to make them last. You and your spouse have spent money for your wedding bands. The more damage your rings sustain, the more its lifespan will be reduced.

To keep this from happening, AAA Jewelers suggests that you perform the following maintenance jobs:

Insure the Rings

Rings can be seen as investments in themselves. As such, you can have them insured. You can add a jewelry rider to your homeowner’s insurance or take out a policy just for your rings. Read the fine print and ensure your policy covers theft, mysterious disappearance, and repairs.

Take Them Off

Once your rings are insured, you can further take care of them by occasionally taking them off. Taking your rings off becomes even more important during activities, such as sports, gardening, or house cleaning. Rings can easily be lost or damaged in such situations. You better keep them away in the first place.

Are you going swimming anytime soon? You must take off your ring in these situations as well. Cold water can shrink your fingers, allowing your rings to slip off. Tides at the beach can also knock your rings off your fingers.

Keep Them Safe

Speaking of taking your rings off, you need a safe place to keep them. At home, you can have a safe, pouch, box, or some other compartment. You can bring a pouch for your rings when you’re outside.

Clean Them

Rings accumulate dirt, oil, and other contaminants over time. You can clean your rings regularly or have them cleaned professionally. Cleaning can keep your wedding bands sparkling and shining for years.

Should your rings sustain any damage, you can hand them over to jewelry repair technicians here in Salt Lake City, but the tasks above can keep your wedding bands safe for the most part. Your rings can last for as long as your marriage will, provided you take good care of them.