4 Ways to Succeed in Beauty School

If you’re planning to pursue a career as a hairstylist or as a beautician, chances are you’ll be attending a beauty school at one point. Beauty school is like college; your performance here may have a long and huge impact on your career later on. This is why it’s important [Read More]

Men’s Guide to Growing an Amazing Beard

In the past, having a great beard means a man was powerful. Vikings wore long beards to show their strength and kings had it to show their affluence. These days, it can mean a lot of things. Having a beard can be a fashion statement or a sign of manliness. [Read More]

What to Consider When Looking for Designer Earrings

A great pair of designer earrings can dress up anything you wear, and bring more life to your wardrobe. That is why earrings make an excellent gift for any woman out there. However, there are many factors you need to consider when looking to buy designer earrings for women online. The [Read More]

The Mighty Pompadour: Giving You That Timeless Look

With short sides and height up top, the pompadour hairstyle brings back the classic look of the 1950’s – think of Elvis Presley. Today, many people are retelling that classic hairdo from the looks of Bruno Mars to David Beckham. If pompadour sounds new and complicated to you, it is a [Read More]

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Different Occasions

You can’t go wrong with giving jewelry as a gift. For its captivating beauty and high value, your recipient is sure to appreciate the present. Salt Lake City’s AAA Jewelers indicates that jewelry can celebrate milestones. It’s the perfect precious trinket that will help your loved ones remember their special day. [Read More]

Why a Regular Visit to a Dentist Is Good for Children

Many parents want the best for their child, their health included. However, when providing the best heath care for their kids, parents often overlook their dental health. Most parents believe that as long as their children brush their teeth regularly, dental visits are not necessary. However, this is not true. [Read More]