The Love Corner: 4 Ideas for Your Sweetheart Table

There’s probably no other wedding design element that should have greater priority than the sweetheart table. It’s technically the lovers’ area, so it’s only proper that it exudes… love. If you’re planning how to decorate your sweetheart table, take inspiration from these ideas: ‘Sit’ Outside the Box The traditional Chiavari [Read More]

Trendiest Wedding Invitation Design Ideas of 2019

Wedding invitations serve as the first glimpses of what’s in store on your wedding day. Whether your event will be held during the day or at night, if it’s casual or formal, your invitation letter will answer the essential details your guests will need. In addition to providing the “who”, [Read More]

5 Safety Tips for Your Teens When Skiing

The cool wind in your face. The smooth, white snow at your feet. The mountain scenery around you. Skiing is a refreshing sport that’s best to be learned at an early age. And once you become a teenager, ski parties with friends are always cool. But sometimes, when teens are [Read More]

The 3 Awesome Benefits of a Yoga Retreat

The idea of leading a healthy lifestyle has become increasingly appealing over the past couple of years. For instance, more people are now saying that they’re reaping the benefits of going to a health retreat. Why not give this complete wellness holiday a try, as well? Here are its many benefits: [Read More]