How to Look Stylish Every Day

Every morning, there are many decisions that you need to face. Your appearance should be something that is a top priority, but you might find it difficult to do so. Here are a few simple tips to look fashionable every day. Make sure everything fits The first rule of being [Read More]

Lavender Gift Set Ideas to Diffuse Happiness to Loved Ones

Lavender, that fragrant purple bush, can be grown in any place that boasts of fertile soil and sun-kissed surroundings. While Provence in France leads the regions where lavender is grown best, Britain is not to be left behind with its lavender regions. The sun-drenched Mayfield, Cotswolds, Somerset, Yorkshire and Hitchin [Read More]

Duvet, Quilt, and Coverlet: What is the Difference?

A beautiful bed is appealing to the eye and comfortable to the body. However, it can be an expensive, time-consuming, and overwhelming to acquire. With the pieces that you already own and a few buys, you can get a well-made and comfortable bed. But what do all these pieces mean [Read More]

Top Tips to Keep Your Boat in Top Shape

Your boat is an investment. To ensure it gives you many years of fun times out in the waters, take the time to learn the best practices of maintenance. Below are various tips from cleaning to boat storage: Storage It does not matter if you are storing your boat in [Read More]

Dealing with Teens Through Family Fun

A challenging part of parenthood is raising growing teens. From manageable children, they somehow transform into misunderstood teenagers. During this time, many things can happen that could make or even break the family bond. Search for identity Teenage years are when a maturing child tries to find their identity. At [Read More]

Have Your Last Dose of Fun as a Single Woman

One nice thing about bachelorette parties is you can enjoy all the fun things that life can offer before you say goodbye to singlehood. You while the night away exchanging laughter and stories with people who are very close to you or dance to the beat of your favorite music. [Read More]

Spending Quality Time with the Family

Despite the various struggles that parents face while raising their kids, just about everyone agrees that parenthood a blessing. Mothers and fathers everywhere do their best to raise their children well, hoping to provide the very best. However, spending time with family can sometimes be difficult, as parents are now [Read More]

Universal Studios Singapore: Asia’s Top Amusement Park

Last June, TripAdvisor ranked Universal Studios Singapore (USS) the top amusement park in Asia. The amusement park also came in at a respectable 17th place in TripAdvisor’s global survey on the Traveller’s Choice awards for theme parks. Moreover, the increasing number of people purchasing tickets and fun passes from online [Read More]

Water Park Prep Essentials for Moms

Upon hearing that they are about to be taken to a water park with waterslides, man-made waves and many other exciting attractions, kids tend to bubble over with anticipation. Parents, on the other hand immediately begin making mental checklists of all the things they need to do in preparation for [Read More]