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For Your Face Shape Only: Frames for Round Faces

Glasses are now more than corrective lenses to enhance your vision. Eyewear has become a standard fashion accessory, but in the age of customisation, frames and lenses could also be made to suit your style. In this case, which kinds of frames would suit those who have round faces? Geometric [Read More]

Factors That Can Help You Find the Right Eyewear

Do you know that 74% of people across the UK either underwent laser surgery to help them see better or wear corrective glasses? About 69 percent of people in the UK wear corrective glasses while 13% wear contact lenses. In recent years, thanks to reliable eyewear frame manufacturers and advances [Read More]

From Self-Healing to Healing Others

Have you ever seen someone in so much pain, while you were feeling 100% fine, and wished that you could share that 100% with him? Some people would say that you can do that. And maybe they’re not wrong. Reiki masters teach this in a Reiki Level 2 course. You [Read More]

3 Items that Protect You from the Sun

By now, everyone should already be aware of the dangers of too much sun on the skin. This, of course, does not mean you should just avoid the sun every day. After all, it is the best source of vitamin D. Navigating a day while protecting yourself from the dangers [Read More]

What Happens when You Moisturise Your Skin

You may think moisturising is an unnecessary step when doing your makeup, but you are wrong. It is as essential as drawing on your eyebrows or applying mascara to add volume to your lashes. It may even be more important than those steps combined. Not convinced of the importance of [Read More]

Take Me to the Beach: Skin Care Products You Need

Before heading out to the beach for a day under the sun, make sure you’re ready with these skin care must-haves, from sun tanning oils to skin soothing creams. Get your skin care kit ready and don’t forget these skin-saving products. Sun Protection The whole point of going to the [Read More]