January 2017

Using Transport to Keep Your Food Safe and Fresh

In the food business, whether you’re selling food in supermarkets or cooking dishes for a restaurant, the safety of the product is always important. A tiny mistake can mean your profit, your reputation and your consumers’ health. In transporting food, there are important areas to watch out for. Sourcing – When [Read More]

Stroke Symptoms to Watch Out for

Ideally, you need professional medical skills in emergency medical situations. Access to immediate professional medical response, however, is not possible at all times. Therefore, knowledge about basic first aid is essential. It can save not only other people’s lives, but also your loved ones, or yours as well. One of [Read More]

The Many Scenarios of a Medical Emergency

What do you do in an emergency situation? Call for help, of course! However, there are certain situations you are forced to act alone or with limited resources. This is why knowing what to do carries a lot of weight to a person’s survival. Some people would go as far [Read More]